Let me teach you to play the bass and more...

I work with each student as an individual. 

I assess the parts of their playing which need the most help (if it’s of importance to them) and through examining grey areas in their playing and learning practices, fill in the gaps so they will have a more holistic understanding of the music making process.

Nothing makes me feel better than to explore and figure out how the student learns. 

Many people feel everyone learns the same way, and thus students receive the same exercises and work from the teacher, rather than realizing each of us is unique and therefore have our own unique way of learning (and more importantly our own unique ways of disguising our grey areas). 

I truly cherish the moments when the student sees that what was right in front of them the entire time was impeding their learning process. I love this work, because I learn more about you, and learn more about myself and all of us in the process.

What are you most interested in learning?

Download Pete’s one-year lesson syllabus that outlines his recommended curriculum for his private bass lessons for both musicianship and technique.

“From the first time I played with Peter I recognized the things I love from a bass player: tone, feel, spirit, all the qualities of the tradition coupled with a passionate ear towards the modern.”
Rez Abassi
Jazz Guitarist

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